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How do I download?

How do I download?
The products and website of ASP-SchoolProjects have been developed using the most current technology. We assume that users are computer literate and have the minimum computer hardware and software at their disposal to download and store documents. Suggestions and links are made in order to make it more convenient.  Keep abreast of the latest technology!

Where do I download from?
Once you have purchased the product, LOG IN with your e-mail address and password.  If you have successfully logged in, click on “Download”. 
The file will open and you can save it onto your hard drive.

You might experience problems if your equipment does not comply with the requirements specified. If you have any technical queries, please contact us or if you need to download Adobe PDR Reader click the link below:

Computer requirements:
Adobe PDF Reader
Download the latest reproduction of Adobe Reader free of charge at http://get.adobe.com/reader/.  This will help you update your computer with the latest version of the software.

How do I quickly download documents from the Internet?

If use Internet Explorer:
If your Internet Browser is slow and you do not update it on a regular basis, the documents will download slowly.  The most recent reproduction of Internet Explorer is version 10.  You can see what version you have by clicking on “Help”, and then “About Internet Explorer”.


Google Chrome:
Another alternative is Google Chrome which can be downloaded from google.com/chrome.  This is free, fast and works well with our website.  Many programmers use this option.

The documents you download should land up in “My Documents – Downloads”.  You may wish to store the documents in another location on your computer:
The documents will appear on the screen.  A short cut is to press the “Ctrl” + “J” keys.

The documents will then open up.
Click on “Filename”.  The documents should then open up in “My Documents”.
You can now save save or move them to your computer’s hard drive.

 How do I create a shortcut on my Desktop?
  Right click on “File” and then on “Send to Desktop”.
Then double-click the shortcut on your Desktop if you want to open or download from our website.

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