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How to reduce or enlarge photos and illustrations?

All the photos and illustrations are of high quality at high resolutions for clear printing. All illustrations are the property of ASP-Schoolprojects who retains the copyright. 

Large illustrations can be easily reduced should you wish to use it in a brochure or pamphlet or want to paste it into your book.

Steps to reduce or enlarge - “resize”:

1. Click on File > Print

2. Click on Properties





3. Now you can select the size of the page i.e. A4 or A5.















To print multiple pages per sheet of paper:
1.  Click the Print icon in the Adobe Reader toolbar:

2.  Choose "Multiple pages per sheet" from the Page Scaling menu:

3.  Choose the number of pages per sheet you would like to print, and preview
     the layout in the Preview window:

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