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The leading South African school website for exam papers!

Welcome to ASP-SchoolProjects - where you’ll find invaluable resources that will assist your child’s development from Grade 1 all the way up to Grade 9. As South Africa’s leading school website we’ve assembled an unrivalled range of educational materials that can give your child an effective boost in their academic progress.

Since our foundation a couple of years ago, ASP-SchoolProjects has rapidly become the first choice for parents, educators and supported learners looking to ensure their children get the best education possible - and we offer a wide range of exam papers and practice tests to prepare them for the types of questions they’ll face on some of the most important days of their lives. Success at this early age can make all the difference to their future, and you can choose from comprehensive packages or individual products as required. 

Most parents are not familiar with today’s educational environment or current curricula, and our high-quality materials can be a vital part of any homework help, ensuring students are fully prepared to fulfil their potential at school. Kids quickly realise the benefits of our practice tests too, meeting the challenges of real exam situations with less anxiety and far more confidence in their own ability. 

Research has shown that practice tests are one of the most effective ways to study, and we offer:

•  Valuable practice test and exam papers for self-testing
•  Study guides as additional learning material
•  Spelling and grammar rules for English and Afrikaans languages
•  ASP School Encyclopaedia for school projects, homework help, and enhanced

At ASP-SchoolProjects we’re committed to delivering the best possible assistance to your child with tests and learning material that:

•  Enhance the quality of the learning process
•  Well-designed and diligently compiled
•  Support learners to achieve outstanding results
•  Are Updated and supplemented regularly
•  Are Easy to use and accessible for every student!

Browse our site for more information or follow our purchasing guide to get exam papers, practice tests and learning materials for Grades 1 to 9 now!

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