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Parent Feedback

Parent feedback

What other parents say
“I would like to thank you for this site, it has been very helpful. My son has passed with good marks!”
~ Velephi Dlamini

“Thank you very much for your assistance. I’m so grateful. You have great resources for revision on this site.”
~ Tabitha Matekenya

“Your study material helped my son so much that he passed the year with flying colours.”
~ Richard Zulu

“I just want to thank you for providing parents with this awesome platform to assist our children with their education. My son’s results have improved so quickly since I started doing these question papers with him. He has seen an increase in 4 subjects, and his term average has increased by 9% as well.
• Afrikaans increased by 11%
• English increased by 17%
• Mathematics increased by 5%
• Science and Technology increased by 31%
I am so happy that I signed up to your website. Thank you for placing challenging test papers that don’t just test what was taught, but also gets the children to go and do further research and stretch themselves. Your question papers are definitely of a high standard.”
~ Gillian Lang

“I would like to congratulate you on a wonderful website and making the lives of parents so much easier by offering a product and service of outstanding quality.”
~ Paul-Adrian Fowler

Why parents trust ASP-SchoolProjects
We offer a wide range of exam papers and practice tests to prepare learners for the types of questions they’ll face on some of the most important days of their lives. Success at this early age can make all the difference to children’s future.

Most parents are not familiar with today’s educational environment or current curricula. Our high-quality study materials form a vital part of homework assignments and test and exam preparation, ensuring learners fulfil their potential in school. Kids quickly realise the benefits of our practice tests, meeting the challenges of real exam situations with less anxiety and far more confidence in their own ability.

Why you should sign up with us
Our team at ASP-SchoolProjects is passionate about the education of children. It is our mission to support your children in their academics and to give them the opportunity to reach their potential in school.

ASP-SchoolProjects is an online educational platform that provides learners with valuable resources and assist learners in their academics. We specialise in practice test- and exam papers. We want to ensure that learners are fully prepared for tests and exams.

• You and your children get a head start over others who don’t have an ASP-SchoolProjects subscription.
• You will have immediate access to download all of this year’s work.
• You and your children can plan ahead. Starting early is critical for success.
• ASP-SchoolProjects provides high quality study and school related resources for children.

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